Lecturer and Educator

I offer teaching and training opportunities tailored to the needs of your organisation and service. Please contact me to discuss further *

Areas of expertise include lecturing, leading training/study days, group therapy facilitator, mentoring, service improvement and service development consultant.

Clinical Educator

As a clinical educator, I managed the education and training portfolio during my time working for a NHS Hospital Trust.

I have written various training programmes for a broad range of staff and senior hospital management teams to help improve services for patients, carer’s and families.

Some of the training days included: ‘Supporting people after Bereavement and Loss’ ‘Spiritual healthcare’ ‘Cultural Awareness to Improve Access to Services’ ‘Culture and Diversity in Mental Health and Counselling/Psychotherapy’ ‘Managing Chronic Pain’ ‘Stress management’ and ‘Working with Diversity and Difference’.

  • I have presented lectures and delivered workshops for Bradford Bereavement Support, Martin House Hospice, School of Health at Bradford University, RCN Conference on Spiritual Healthcare and West Yorkshire Cancer Study day for NHS staff.
  • I am a qualified group therapy facilitator and facilitated bereavement support groups.
  • Trained and managed volunteer groups in various setting including NHS and voluntary sector
  • Additionally, I was the first South Asian Health Improvement Practitioner for South Asian Patient’s with MS in Bradford, where I provided support for patients and families newly diagnosed or living with MS, supported Pain Management teams, developed services that were culturally sensitive for MS patients and supported medical staff to improve services for South Asian patients with MS. From the success of this role and my recommendations a similar role was created for Renal Care services.

My work has also branched out to research and development in healthcare and I have been involved in the Born in Bradford research project and contributed to various research studies.

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